We’re Growing! CAST Welcomes Raj Saxena to the Team

Raj Saxena joins CAST as the new Senior Vice President, Business Development, North America Global SIs after 28 years of experience at IBM. His expertise includes leading in complex global environments, strategic planning and building strong business relationships. At IBM he was central to the company’s global delivery strategy and established capabilities in Asia Pacific, Latin America, and Eastern Europe. Raj Saxena brings his renowned skills to CAST and will be a worthy addition to the North America team.

Learn more about what Raj Saxena will be a part of in North America for CAST here.

We’re Growing! Vishal Bhatnagar Joins CAST

Vishal Bhatnagar joins CAST, as head of Operations for the UK and Ireland, from IGATE, a leader in IT services and consulting. During his seven years there, Vishal was able to grow his portfolio from $3M to $45M and developed the company’s first ever full managed services deal. With such a breadth of industry and SI experience, including working at MBLOX and Comverse, Vishal is a vital addition and will prove to be an asset in enhancing CAST’s position in the UK and Ireland.

For further details on Vishal Bhatnagar and his position at CAST, the original press release can be found here or follow him on twitter @bhatnagar_v.

We’re Growing! CAST Welcomes Telecom & Emerging Markets Sales VP, Kevin Quick

CAST has made a recent addition to its North America team with Kevin Quick, who will be responsible for North American communication providers and emerging markets, as new VP Sales, Telecommunication and Emerging Markets. With over 30 years of experience and a record of vitalizing business operations and exceeding sales expectations, Kevin is a welcome addition to CAST. His expertise in systems integration and telecommunications will be truly valuable to CAST in North America.

If you would like to connect with Kevin in person, you should attend CAST’s DC Sustainability and Productivity -Workshop & Networking Event on June 2nd, 2015.

Upcoming Webinar: Is Application Stability and Performance Slowing Your Development Down?

If you want to prevent performance and stability issues plaguing your SAP deployments and other custom applications join this 45 minute discussion, as Solvay, a global manufacturer, shares how software analysis provides insight into legacy systems, identifies unknown security issues, and reveals hidden complexity.
We all know that excessive complexity, lack of visibility and fast-paced business
demands don’t mix well. With offshore software factories in different locations and applications that support over 12,000 users, Software Development Manager Steve Naylor knows that visibility is critical to maintaining uninterrupted services while reducing development costs. In this webinar, he will discuss how objective assessment and access to development and architectural standards has transformed development efforts – enabling Solvay to keep pace with business demands, reduce cost and risk.
Register here for the April 1st webinar on application stability and performance.

What Does Software Size Have to Do with It?

As the impact computers have on our lives increases at an unprecedented rate, software systems are becoming increasingly complex. For example, a pacemaker has less than 100,000 lines of code written into it. A F-35 Fighter jet has about 250,000 lines. Facebook on the other hand has upwards of 600,000. Now what about that fancy new Lexus you just purchased? That has about a million lines of code. As the applications that make up these various systems are becoming more and more integrated and intricate, it is crucial for those in application development to take a multifaceted approach to developing their technologies and measuring their software size.