Can You Measure What You Can’t See?

There has been a tectonic shift over the past two to three years with businesses realizing that analysis and measurement of critical business software is no longer simply nice to have, but a necessity. Every CIO, CEO, and board member is keenly aware of the fact that the stakes are too high and the size and complexity of mission critical systems has outpaced traditional technological safeguards.

However, once organizations have made the decision to improve critical systems’ reliability and stability, they are instantly confronted with the brutal reality that their house is in disarray.

Our very own CEO Vincent Delaroche recently penned an article for Wired Innovation Insights with some helpful tips for C-suite executives looking to effectively measure all of their critical software systems. You can click over to the full article for more.

We also created this handy checklist with some best practices when preparing to analyze your software portfolio. Check it out below.


As systems and businesses grow in complexity, so too does the need for visibility into risks as they directly affect revenue, brand, and customer satisfaction. Organizations can no longer afford to be handicapped by poor development practices — the stakes are only growing. Are you ready?

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