Software Risk: Executive Insights on Application Resiliency


Software risks to the business, specifically Application Resiliency, headline a recent executive roundtable hosted by CAST and sponsored by IBM Italy, ZeroUno and the Boston Consulting Group.  European IT executives from the financial services industry assembled to debate the importance of mitigating software risks to their business.

Stefano Uberti Foppa, Director of ZeroUno, led the discussion around speeches from the keynote speakers:


We had the opportunity to share experiences related to software risks and IT disasters of critical systems.  We covered a wide range of topics such as: the impact of technology choices, Agile methods and DevOps As a result, the group identified software risk mitigation guidelines and factors needed in order to make software more reliable, secure and protect the business..” explained CAST Country Manager, Massimo Crubellati. We are glad to share with you some of the highlights of the conference.

B Collage

The event concluded with a Wine Tasting to help replace the bad taste of software failures with some fine Italian wine.  The tasting was lead by the famous Sommelier Master Class Adua Villa allowed to collect curiosities, tips on tasting wine specially selected for our guests.

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