5 Keys to Optimizing Cost-Effectiveness of Captives

Companies seeking to reduce time to market while improving application quality, today usually choose between assigning application development projects to either in-house teams or outsourced system integrators (SI). However, the cost arbitrage of Global In-House Centers (GIC), better known in the industry as “Captives,” continues to provide advantages in cost competitiveness that cannot be overlooked.

Software Analytics and the Economic Impact of Measuring ADM Quality and Productivity

IBM and MIT Sloan found that businesses managed with analytics perform 2.2 times better than those without. Fact-based metrics allow CEO’s, business leaders and even CIOs to make better and quicker decisions about projects, service providers, business, and budgets.
In his recent Wired article, our CEO Vincent Delaroche shares his personal experience working with global organizations and the benefits software analytics has brought to these organizations. Read full story here!