What Do Software Analytics and Your Doctor Have in Common?

As it turns out, plenty.
Recently, the U.S. government has implemented healthcare reimbursements based on the outcome of medical treatments, rather than a traditional fee-for-service approach.   These performance-based programs are designed to improve healthcare quality while lowering treatment cost.  It’s this outcomes-based approach that Fortune 500 companies are considering as a way of reducing ADM costs while improving software quality.

CIOs Must Take Stock!

You’ve taken the obvious steps to cut costs in your application portfolio, so where do you go next?  With a large, dispersed IT infrastructure and systems that operate in silos, often with duplicative functionality, it’s not necessary to take on your portfolio in a single bite.
To get started, you simply need answers to basic questions that will define the direction that the organization takes to optimize the value of its IT portfolio such as:

What do we own?
Is it healthy?
Is it redundant?
Is it being used?
Is it necessary?

In our new ebook, “CIOs Must Take Stock! Simple Steps to Understand your Application Portfolio,” we give practical advice and best practices to achieve success.