Lev Sits Down with ComputerWeekly to Discuss the Outsourcing of Software Testing

Did the press club have a meeting? Because this is the second time in two weeks that we’ve been in the press.
Last week, I spoke with Business Insider in response to Marc Cuban’s comments about the NYSE’s role in high frequency trading. And this week, I sat down with Karl Flinders at ComputerWeekly.com to discuss some other issues surrounding application outsourcing and outsourced QA. Karl does a nice job summarizing some key points in a crisp way. The story ran today, and we wanted to share it with everyone to help raise awareness about how systematic analysis of your applications can improve our ability to work with outsourcing partners, and our risk profile.


Business Insider Features CAST Software on the SEC’s Kill Switch Proposal

If you were to stand outside of our building right as The Wall Street Journal dropped a story about kill switches, you’d hear our teeth gnashing. As anyone in our business knows, the kind of work that we do for our customers is not exactly front page news. (But it should be!)
So it was very exciting when Business Insider asked us to talk about the issues on Wall Street, specifically about Mark Cuban’s response to the SEC’s investigation of high-frequency trading.
The story ran today and we wanted to share it with you. We hope you enjoy it and share it around widely in an effort to raise awareness about the real issues that are undermining the reliability of our financial systems.