Software Risk: 4 Case Studies in Software Quality and Software Schedules by Capers Jones

This post is taken from Capers Jones, VP and CTO, Namcook Analytics LLC original paper Software Risk Master (SRM) Estimating Examples For Quality and Schedules.

Lessons on software development from Henry Ford!

Two of my great fascinations since moving to Detroit 17 years ago are the Henry Ford Museum and the Greenfield Village in Dearborn. These two places truly capture America’s legacy of ingenuity, resourcefulness and innovation. The exhibits range from Presidential limousines to heroes of the sky and evolution of manufacturing as a science. However, in one obscure corner there’s the story of Gauge Blocks.
Invented by a Swedish scientist, Gauge blocks are a metal or ceramic blocks that have been carefully ground to produce precision lengths and are used for calibrating measuring equipment in machine shops (micrometers, sine bars, calipers, and dial indicators). They are the main means of length standardization used by industry.