Highlight Update Brings Rapid Portfolio Analysis to the Masses

Large and small enterprises have continually struggled with finding a way to manage the software risk inherent in their ever-increasing application portfolio. And now, in a year where companies such as NASDAQ, Knight Capital, American Airlines, and BATS have suffered costly and embarrassing IT failures, software risk is top of mind for every IT executive.
That’s why today we’re announcing an update to our flagship portfolio analysis solution, CAST Highlight, which expands the types of systems it can analyze to unlock the power of portfolio analysis for companies large and small. Its low-cost SaaS model makes it 20 times cheaper than traditional enterprise software, without the need for costly hardware or licenses, and less disruptive for users, ready to deploy in minutes, from any location without the need to transfer source code.

Top Tweeters in IT Application Development

The argument surrounding Twitter’s usefulness will more than likely rage on for years with no clear winner. But one thing’s for sure, it’s a great place to find news — if you know the right people to follow. That’s why we’re starting a monthly blog post series to highlight some of the influential “twitterers” that we enjoy following, sharing with you some great resources to help find new, techy, and interesting news.
Scroll down to our Top Ten for February and fill your stream with techy tweeters. And don’t forget to follow @OnQuality for more updates!