10 tips to speed up your PHP applications

When you think about PHP, it is often associated with small applications made by passionate developers for their personal use — generally websites with low database usage and/or few visitors.
Well, how wrong we are! PHP is used for a large panel of applications that generate a lot of traffic, for example public administrations or big companies. These entities require their applications maintain high scalability, availability, and, of course, no drop of performance. It’s no wonder that performance and speed are very popular quality goals when it comes to PHP.

Two great new features drive Highlight 1.7 update

Good news Highlight fans! We’re taking our SaaS software analysis and measurement platform to the next level with our most recent release, Highlight 1.7. This release focuses on automation and improving the quality of web based applications. You can read more about it in our most recent press release.
The two major features of this upgrade are:

PHP analyzer: We added a PHP code quality analyzer that enables you to include web applications or components in your portfolio analysis. Highlight now checks the quality of the code of client-facing web applications such as custom-built shopping carts, communication sites, or web portals designed to increase worker productivity.
Automation toolkit: You can now automate the portfolio analysis process. You can create scripts that let the Highlight Analyzer automatically analyze new updates to source code. Highlight’s results are uploaded to the Portal to generate reports.

But we’re not stopping there. We have a big update for Highlight coming down the pipeline, so stay tuned for more updates. And check out the new features of CAST Highlight by accessing the Highlight portal.