Bad Software Quality Crashes Airlines’ IT Systems, Again: When Is Enough Enough?

Southwest Airlines is the latest victim of the airline scandal. What scandal? It’s the one where airlines continue to cause travel delays due to poorly managed IT systems. It’s the one that caused Southwest to delay 836 flights on Monday and distribute HAND written tickets to passengers because of a ‘software glitch’. Southwest isn’t alone. United Airlines grounded hundreds of flights in July and American Airlines did the same in September and April. How long will consumers have to wait before these organizations figure out that the glitches are caused by bad software quality, which creates bad service?

Software Quality Gets Better through Standardization NOT Innovation

DARPA’s quest for better software quality is honorable but misguided.

TD Bank shows CIOs anything can happen during a system upgrade

Ever wonder what reality looks like when your external IT systems crash? Well here you go. This might be of particular interest to CIOs and business stakeholders who push IT to meet unrealistic deadlines without managing their software risk.
TD Bank’s credit and debit card systems went offline for approximately 45 minutes yesterday as the result of a supposed system upgrade. Immediately, Twitter exploded with angry customers.

An Open Letter to Derivatives Exchange Operators

Dear Technology Colleagues at Derivatives Exchanges,
I’m sure you do not need me to inform you that the investment community is becoming more aware of the importance of dependable software operating our exchanges. Yet many of your competitors have fallen victim to the reputational damage caused by software glitches. Many of us, as technology professionals and as individual investors, are shocked to see the escalating pace of major software outages reported by the exchanges and major market makers.