CISQ Aims to Bring Software Quality Sanity Back to Federal Outsourcing

The current state of outsourced application development is a sorry state of affairs because of myriad software quality issues causing unprecedented glitches and crashes. It’s not that all outsourcers are making terrible software, rather, it’s that governments and organizations have no way of accurately measuring the performance, robustness, security, risk, and structural quality of the applications once they’ve been handed the keys.
That’s why CISQ, leader in setting the standard for software measurement in the enterprise, will be hosting a seminar this Wednesday, March 26 about software quality for federal acquisitions.

Emerging Trends and Software Quality Assurance

The future challenges for Software Quality assurance (SQA) follow a few software trends, including:

Complex and large software packages
Integration with external components and interfaces
The need to deliver quickly
The need to deliver bug free software

The standard software quality activities defined by IEEE, such as verification and validation, are integrated into the software development cycle. We see dedicated SQA roles and resources in major organizations. Also, many multi-national companies are pushing to have a central team drive and manage the quality processes, methodologies, and tools across all their sites and teams.