IT Experts Respond to Controversial 2014 CRASH Report: Agile Alone is Not Enough

We knew that the most recent findings from our 2014 CRASH Report would cause a stir among the software development community — especially Agile advocates — but we were pleasantly surprised by the overwhelmingly positive reception the news received. Continue reading

When It Comes To Code Quality: Agile, Waterfall, or Both?

Research shows applications built using a mixture of Agile and Waterfall will result in more robust and secure applications than those built using either Agile or Waterfall alone. Continue reading

Webinar Q&A Follow Up: Quality and Velocity in Large IT Set-up

Last Thursday we had a fascinating discussion with Suresh Bala, the head of Application Management at Wipro, Diego LoGiudice of Forrester, and Dr. Bill Curtis, the Director of the Consortium for IT Software Quality. Diego presented the latest trends in IT organizations in reference to splitting their activities and applications into systems of engagement and systems of record. This has been the Forrester view on IT, or what they call Business Technology (BT), for some time now. The systems of engagement being the fast-moving, often mobile-based, applications that are meant to disrupt competition and engage the customer in new ways. The systems of record being the traditional backbone IT systems that manage the core enterprise data and business processes.

Suresh Bala described how Wipro closely manages the software product in order to improve short- and mid-term agility on behalf of their clients. Suresh described an impressive system of tools that underlie their own Agile processes, while proactively managing technical debt. He also presented a pretty advanced scorecard, called AppInsight that they use in order to track how the applications under Wipro management are doing from a health and robustness standpoint.
Then, Bill Curtis took us to the conclusion by describing the metrics being standardized by CISQ, and how these measures can be used to manage the evolution of software, and to provide standard terms for software quality in application services contracts.